Dog Imports

Dogs of superior quality have always been a subject of fascination by dog lovers and rich people alike. The amazing dog breeds which are confined to a few nations have become a major import commodity. These dogs are priced heavily and fetch a huge amount of money. Imported dogs are in demand and financially strong people who desire to have an exotic dog frequenting their homes do not hesitate to spend huge sums of money to get these dogs. The cost of maintaining these high breed dogs is also not cheap. There are many shops and even online portals who sell expensive dogs which are imported from other countries. Ownership of an excellent breed of dog such as Cocker spaniel, Mastiff, pug or other exotic breeds of dog has become the hallmark of status in the society.

The amazing breeds of dog have become ubiquitous in the high society households. Dogs are even given as gifts to children and elders alike. Dog grooming parlors have mushroomed in big cities and metropolitans where expensive grooming of the dog is done. The people flocking to buy the expensive imported dogs are not essentially dog lovers. The main aim is to showcase their wealth and using the valuable dog as a tool is acceptable. There are many breed of dogs that are unable to adapt to an alien environment for which they are not suited and are unable to survive. There have also been cases of sheer negligence on the part of the owners leading to the death of the animal. Proper advice regarding the training and care of the dogs especially coming from other nations should be provided to the buyers. The owners should also strictly adhere to the instructions regarding the care and well being of the dogs which they have brought.